UPSC Prelims Results 2014 Declared

Today the results for the civil services prelims was announced very early in the morning at around 3 am. Around 16900 are selected for civil service mains and about 1100 have been shortlisted for the mains exam of forest services. Those who have cleared the prelims should double or even triple their speed of preparation for the mains exam. Practice writing answers. The more you practice the more you have chances of clearing the mains exam. Depth is necessary but range is far more important than depth in the subjects. 

And those who have failed this time, just do not worry much. Learn from your mistakes and strengthen your weaknesses. Work harder than before. Do not feel disappointed or lost. Your best is yet to come. I am sure you will get success in the very next year. This year the questions were quite unexpected and there were many senior players in the the game. 

In short, I would say put more effort in the right direction. Be brave and take care. And those who have qualified for the next level, I wish you best of luck.

Is President Bush Ironically Responsible for ISIS Attacks in Iraq?

Is it correct to say that [former] President of the USA George W Bush is responsible for the mess in Iraq and the rise of the ISIS? Iraq was in a much better condition then. It was certainly not in a very happy condition but it was not even as bad as it is now.All the reasons cited for the attacked proved to false. And now we are facing a threat of such a magnitude.

It is not right to blame just one person. But it is also true that he was was the single most important factor in Iraq war 2.

Can India Become Clean Like Western Countries

Why is India so unclean or dirty? There is dirt everywhere.At railway stations, bus stations, temples,historic monuments, streets, rivers, beache, everywhere. Nobody seems to care for cleanliness. If someone wants to do it he will be declared crazy. But it is a normal thing to spread dirt. It is a normal thing to through garbage wherever you want.

Is it in genes of Indians? Can they not tolerate to see a clean place? Should India be renamed as Garbagia? On 2nd October 2014 the Prime Minister and others will launch the Swachh Bharat Mission. But will it become a success? I highly doubt it. Because we have seen so many other other programmes before and they failed miserably. The Prime Minister is genuinely concerned about cleanliness but only time will tell how many of the other Indians are really concerned about it.

It is not difficult to make India clean. If one can not participate in cleanliness drive then he/she should not through garbage in open or spread dirt in any manner. It is not possible to fine every culprit given the shortage of police staff. Only aware citizen can prevent others from doing it. They should not hesitate. They should propogate the message of cleanliness. 

There should be garbage bins at all the places. There should be proper facility for waste disposal. Fines should be imposed on those who litter public places and such their face should be shown on billboards to scare other litterers. It is not possible for government alone to clean India. It need collective effort of all. It needs strict laws, their honest implementation, awareness campaigns, adequate infrastructure, cooperation from civil society, use of technology etc.

India can become clean like western countries. It looks difficult but if a billion pair of hands take broomsticks in their hands it wont be difficult. In fact India can be made as the cleanest place in the world if all Indians who feel patriotic feel their responsibility. It sound rather too idealistic but it is the need of the hour. It is needed for good health, good image in the eyes of the tourists and all others who visit India. Cleanliness will create a positive vibe in the country and will enhance the productivity. 

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Trying to Understand Terrorism

Terrorism is the most serious issue in contemporary world. It has an 'ism' in its name but it has no ideology other than to cause fear in hearts and minds of people through use of terror. It is said that a person is a terrorist for one country and freedom fighter for the other group of people/community/nationality. Many freedom fighters in different countries used terror as a means to gain freedom for their nation. They were branded as terrorists by the colonizing power and were persecuted. These freedom fighters or terrorist [depending upon your side/country] were hailed as as martyrs by the countries for which they fought.

Human beings are freedom seekers. They want maximum  freedom. If their voice is suppressed they become rebellious. After the second world war, many countries have gained their independence, either through peaceful means or through violent national movements. But there are still many demands for the right to self determination /independence in different parts of the world. Be it India, Russia, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Phillipines,United Kingdom, Canada, Ukraine, Balkan countries etc.

Then, there are demands for adoption of Islamic sharia rule; equal treatment of minority religous and linguist groups, etc. Some groups are fighting for bringing communist system of government. Some are fighting to bring the fascist system.There are also demands for removing the influence of western culture and its domination.

It is very difficult to say exactly what is terrorism. There are a number of views on terrorism. It is not easy to  say whether the demands raised by the terrorist is good or bad, right or wrong. It is multicultural world. It will be not right to say that a particular system of government, a particular language or a particular civilization or culture is better than the others. But trying to get such demands fulflilled through means of terror can be never justifiable. Nobody has got the right to kill innocent civilians and cause damage to public property. 

Yes. It is true that these terrorist become terrorist only when all other means of raising their voice become unfruitful or their peaceful  methods are suppressed with violent crackdown. In other words, people take arms and become terrorists when their peaceful, non violent methods for getting their demands fulfilled are either not paid attention at all or are suppressed.

But there are also some terror groups which are using terror for harming other countries at the behest of their sponsoring countries. There groups are carrying proxy wars. India is facing this kind of proxy war/ terrorism which is sponsored by establishments in Pakistan.  Pakistan has lost all the wars that she started with India.  Some elements in Pakistan are jealous of the peace and growth in India. They are sending terrorists to create a sense of fear and hamper economic growth by discouraging foreign investors. These terrorist are being trained and funded by ISI and Pakistani Army. Most of the terrorist training camps are located in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir region. 

It is due to 24x7 vigil and hard work of the intelligence agencies and other security forces of India that we are living in relative peace. Otherwise there are thousands of sleepers cells in India who can create havoc in almost every city. Almost every big city in India has suffered some terrorist attacks in which several innocent people were killed and property worth millions of dollars were damaged. There is ample amount of evidence that these attacks were planned, funded and coordinated from the Pakistan soil by anti India establishment. India has presented those evidences to the Pakistani government but they have not taken any action.The most wanted terrorists for India are living a free life in Pakistan. They are protected and promoted by the establishments in Pakistan.

Terrorism is nothing but the third world war. It is a world wide problem. No country is free from the danger of terrorism. It is the greatest threat to human liberty. It is also causing so much of expenditure on security and surveillance. It will take at least a hundred or even more years to defeat this monster. It is not possible for a single country to fight and win this war. But it requires collective honest effort from all of the countries of the world. No country should allow its soil to be used against another country. There should be a universal policy against terrorism and a specialized international agency for combating it.