Fifty Golds in Olympics: Can this be a reality for India?

Can India dream of winning fifty gold medals at Olympic games? In 2012 London Olympics, India finished at the 55th position in the medal tally out of 204 participants. 84 participating countries won at least one medal and 54 of them won at least one gold medal. India won zero gold medal. Two silver medals and 4 bronze medals were won by India. The USA finished at 1st position by winning 46 golds, 29 silvers and 29 bronze medals. If India could not win even a single gold medal at the last Olympics and if even America could not win more than 46 golds, then the chances India winning fifty golds in Olympics is very very rare. 

Second Largest Population, But 55th Position on Medal Tally

Why do some countries win more Olympic medals than others ? It has been observed that richer countries have performed better.  Countries which have population lesser than Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata, win more gold medals than India. Some of the finest and most well-trained sportsperson participate in the Olympics. Only the best trained professional players can expect to win here. India has world's second largest population. It means, the number of potential medal-winning players is much larger than all the other countries except China. But the medal tally does not reflect this. 
In 2014 budget allocated mere Rs. 400 crores for sports. The total estimated expenditure is Rs.17,94,892 crore. There are more important areas than sports. But there should be increase in the budgetary allocation for sports. India needs more stadiums, professional coaches, quality sports equipment, nutritious diet for the budding players, more frequent sports meets. There is no sports culture in India except Cricket craze [and football craze in some pockets]. Schools and colleges hardly give any importance to sports. Most of the players who win medals for top performing countries are much younger and are mostly high school or college students. India players mostly government employees. 

However, it should be noted that lack of adequate funds is just one of the several problems which need to be addressed. But it is the single most importance factor which is hampering India's performance. More funds should be made available to schools, colleges and local self governing bodies. Of course there should be an effective mechanism for checking pilferage and abuse of these funds. 
India needs to create a sports roadmap for next 20 years. The sports should be freed from unnecessary babudom or redtapism. Lessons should be learnt from the USA, China, Australia, Russia and other Olympic powerhouses. International coaches should be hired and Indian players should be provided more international exposure. It is matter of India's pride. Repeated poor performance at these games create a bad impression about India. It is a national shame. Sports are great means of showcasing a nation's power. Moreover creating a robust sports culture will pave way for disciplined youth. It will improve nation's health too. Infrastructure will improve. 

Poor Performance @ Olympics = National Shame

India's performance in Olympics has been very poor. India has managed to win 9 golds, 6 silvers, and 11 bronze medals in the Olympics. That means, only 26 medals so far. It is such an humiliating performance for a such a large country. The USA has won 2681 medals. That is more than 100 times more than India.  The Former Soviet Union won 1204 medals [Russia has won 521 medals after the partition of the Soviet Union], Great Britain won 806 medals, France was won 780 and China has won 526 medals. This medal tally includes medals won at both kind summer and winter Olympics.  India is yet to win any medal at the winter version of the Olympics. Even small countries like Switzerland, Romania, South Korea, Cuba, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, Kenya, Jamaica,Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, etc have won more medals than India. 

Winning fifty golds in Olympics is not an easy task. It may take at least two decades to achieve this target. Little time is left for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Winning even 10 medals at Rio would be considered as a great performance. India can expect to win 50  gold medals at 2032 or 2036 Olympics. But it wont be possible by just day dreaming. It requires adequate funding, world class sports infrastructure, world class training, a clear and effective roadmap for developing sports culture. Otherwise India would continue to perform poorly and earn more moments of shame.
[Fifty Golds in Olympics: Can this be a reality for India?- topic for essay in UPSC Mains 2014]

Get Ready for the IAS Mains Exam 2014

The date of commencement of the mains exam for this year is just two weeks from now. I think most of the candidates have downloaded their admit card by now. If you have not downloaded your admit card, download now. This is the most crucial phase. Do not study any new thing. Just read and re-read from your notes. And practice writing answers for expected questions. Test your time management by writing in exam like scenario. You should give equal attention to all the papers, even the qualifying papers. 

Avoid any kind of distraction. Don't pay attention to rumours. And keep gossipers away from you. In fact there is no need for any long discussion with other candidates. The time for such things is gone. Now you have to just get ready for the exams. For this you need to revise and practice just the most relevant and most probable topics. There is nothing so probable in this exam but you can mentally prepare yourself by looking at previous years questions and the trends for this year. 

In these two weeks, just practice and practice. Only writing will help you sail through this exam. Of course you need a lot of knowledge about your optional subject, general studies papers and other papers. But you should not focus on increasing your knowledge in this stage.  It wont help you much. It will only make you more confused and less organized. 

Practicing answer writing would not go in vain. Try to write in exam like situation with an alarm clock and finish within 3 hours. Do not take help from study materials.  Practice as much as you can. After all this is the "main" stage. All your preparations will be useless if you are not able to write well in the exam. It will help you in increasing your writing speed. You will feel more confident. 

Take care of your health. It is very important. Eat healthy. Do some exercise. Feel peace of mind and think positively. This is just an exam and nothing more. It is important but not more important than you. So don't build unnecessary pressure due to it. Stay focused and do your best to get ready for the IAS mains exams. 

IAS 2015 Preparation Notes

Those who are preparing for IAS 2015 exam can find notes here, I am collecting study material and I shall post them here very soon.

I am not getting enough time for writing here. But I will try to put something here regularly. 

UPSC Prelims Results 2014 Declared

Today the results for the civil services prelims was announced very early in the morning at around 3 am. Around 16900 are selected for civil service mains and about 1100 have been shortlisted for the mains exam of forest services. Those who have cleared the prelims should double or even triple their speed of preparation for the mains exam. Practice writing answers. The more you practice the more you have chances of clearing the mains exam. Depth is necessary but range is far more important than depth in the subjects. 

And those who have failed this time, just do not worry much. Learn from your mistakes and strengthen your weaknesses. Work harder than before. Do not feel disappointed or lost. Your best is yet to come. I am sure you will get success in the very next year. This year the questions were quite unexpected and there were many senior players in the the game. 

In short, I would say put more effort in the right direction. Be brave and take care. And those who have qualified for the next level, I wish you best of luck.

Is President Bush Ironically Responsible for ISIS Attacks in Iraq?

Is it correct to say that [former] President of the USA George W Bush is responsible for the mess in Iraq and the rise of the ISIS? Iraq was in a much better condition then. It was certainly not in a very happy condition but it was not even as bad as it is now.All the reasons cited for the attacked proved to false. And now we are facing a threat of such a magnitude.

It is not right to blame just one person. But it is also true that he was was the single most important factor in Iraq war 2. That war was unnecessary. Saddam regime was dictatorial an evil but it was much better than the current anarchy.

The Obama administration is also responsible for the chaos in the middle east region. There is lack of strong will for fighting this deadly organization. The same western powers fueled the civil war in Syria. Bush and Obama both share the responsibility for such things happening in the region. One created and other did not take right decisions.